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Court: FCC Has No Authority to Regulate Internet

A Federal court has ruled that the FCC does not have the power to force Internet regulations on Internet providers.  Many of those in my industry are disheartened at this ruling because they fear that Internet providers will try to censor content.  I understand their concern, but I fear big government more than big business.  Why should we grant the government more regulatory power for a problem that does not exist?  Instead of increased regulation and bureaucratic red tape, why not try proven free market solutions?

I currently have DSL.  At one point my family had cable Internet access, but the quality of service had declined.  So we switched.  Now fiber is being installed in my neighborhood and will soon offer us another choice.  We have 5 options for Internet access: dial-up, DSL, cable, satellite, and now fiber.  Why do I say this?  It’s not to debate which medium is better, but it’s to highlight the point about choice.  We didn’t like the quality of one service, so we changed to another provider.  In a free market economy, you take your business elsewhere if you don’t like how that company is treating you or is providing poor service.  Unfortunately, many local governments allow only one cable company to service a municipality.  How would you fix this?  Simple, eliminate the restriction on how many cable companies (or other Internet providers) there can be in a given location.

It’s easy to give something over to the government and say “regulate it”, but it’s hard to get it back.  The Internet has been a harbor of free speech to people world-wide.  Government regulation in the name of “net neutrality” would end up not being neutral.