Response to Obama’s State of the Union

One year and one week in office and he’s still blaming Bush for the failed policies of his own administration.  Obama doesn’t realize that Americans do not want increased government spending, increased government intervention into the free markets, and a decrease in our personal liberties.  I have some recommendations that our candidates should focus on:

1.  Devise a plan to transition power from the federal government to the states and to the people.  We didn’t get here over night and we can’t fix it overnight.  We must come up with a workable plan to present to the American people how we will do it.  We can’t arrive at our end goal unless we have a plan.

2.  Propose 2 amendments to the US Constitution: one will mandate a balanced federal budget and the other will grant the president a line-item veto.  It’s like peanut butter and jelly.  One compliments the other.  The state of Georgia’s constitution mandates that the General Assembly pass a balanced budget.  Why should the federal government be exempt from such a requirement?  A line-item veto will help make that possible.  It will allow the president to strike out any spending that gets stuffed into important bills.  It’s a good way of cutting out pork without killing a bill.

3.  Setup a path to deactivate and dismantle the federal Department of Education.  This is something that the federal government should get out of immediately.  No Child Left Behind has been a horrible piece of legislation.  Let’s return power to the parents and let the teachers teach kids what they need to be taught.

4.  Cut taxes for ALL businesses. President Obama doesn’t realize that all businesses produce jobs.  The federal tax rate for businesses is anywhere from 25 to 39 percent.  That’s 1/4 to 2/5ths of earnings being paid to the federal government.  How many jobs could be created with that?  How much capital could they buy?  It’s all a matter of opportunity costs, Mr. President.  If you want businesses to stay in the US and produce, the we must not punish them for being here.

5.  Energy independence starts with use of our natural resources. We have been blessed by God with many natural resources, but there are many folks who lobby against the reasonable use of them.  In order to produce more affordable energy, we must tap into our natural resources.  Nuclear power (the cleanest form of energy) must also be included in the energy portfolio of energy producers.

These are not earth-shattering ideas.  I think a reasonable person would be agreeable to most of these ideas….and it’s not an all-inclusive list!  If you have an idea, post it!  The more people we have involved, the more ideas we have, and the better we can craft those ideas.

We must assemble a list of specific objectives we hope to accomplish and a plan on how to arrive there.  Once the GOP takes back the House and Senate, we must put our plan into place and stick to our principles.  We owe it to the citizenry.

4 Responses to “Response to Obama’s State of the Union”

  1. 1 Eugene Sharp January 27, 2010 at 11:51 PM

    Just a real short comment. How can we “Double” our exports when we practically make nothing here in our own country.

    • 2 Will Hays January 28, 2010 at 12:19 AM

      What powers do you want to be given back to the states? In matters of war or defense, I feel much safer knowing that I’m being defended by my nation rather than my state. When we are dealing with national and multi-national companies, its not fair that the rules change depending on one’s longitude and latitude. And when states get to make up their own rules, we have situations like the current one where a couple’s rights in one state don’t apply in another. We are one country first; fifty states second. Any other way of thinking only leads to separation and division.

      • 3 Nathan January 28, 2010 at 6:06 PM

        Defense is something that the national government has to do. The first thing that comes to my mind that should be returned to the states is education. I think the quality of education has degraded since the federal government has taken over the education system. There’s nothing in the constitution that establishes a federal dept. of education.

  2. 4 Justin Tomczak January 28, 2010 at 12:06 AM


    (RANGER, GA) – State Rep. Tom Graves, Republican candidate for Congress in Georgia’s 9th District, issued the following statement in response to President Obama’s State of the Union Address this evening:

    “While it is noble for the President to call for a freeze on federal spending, it comes only after a year in which the Democrats increased spending by 18 percent or $536 billion, in addition to the $787 billion spent on the failed stimulus bill. If the President was serious about getting Washington’s spending spree under control, he would not only call for a spending freeze, but cut the rate of federal spending altogether, while also insisting on the repeal of the unused portions of the stimulus package. Then, in keeping with his campaign promise, he should veto appropriation bills that include wasteful earmarks and stop pushing a trillion dollar health care bill that the American people don’t want.

    “After a year of steady job losses and unemployment reaching double digits, it is necessary for the President to turn his attention to getting America back to work. Using terminology such as ‘invest in’ is nothing more than code words for ‘more government spending.’ Instead, we must embrace the concepts of free markets and capitalism. Congress should look at creating, expanding and attracting jobs through tax credits, cuts, and incentives for businesses to hire those looking for work. Reducing the burden on entrepreneurs, rewarding them for hiring and reducing the penalty for investing will put Americans back to work. Job creation will occur when Congress reduces spending and encourages job creation by empowering the private sector and small businesses.

    “America has a great track record of overcoming difficult and challenging days. And I am optimistic that we will once again overcome. But to do so, we must embrace and empower the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity of the American people. It is in times like these that I’m reminded of the words of a great President, Ronald Reagan, who said, ‘In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.’”

    Graves attended the Americans for Prosperity State of the Union watch party this evening.

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