An Open Letter to My Fellow Republicans

Dear Fellow Republicans,

I write you today to encourage peace and unity within the Republican Party.  We have concluded a long and trying primary season.  It’s natural to feel some animosity towards your opponent and their supporters if you lost, but we must move forward.  It seemed like this primary election was more of a civil war between the fiscal and social conservative factions, but now we must reunite and face a new challenge from Roy Barnes in November.

We had two excellent candidates that fought hard to earn the votes of Georgians.  Karen Handel did a fantastic job as Georgia’s Secretary of State.  A major accomplishment was the implementation of the voter ID law and defense of it from attack by Roy Barnes and the Obama justice department.  Our nominee, Nathan Deal, represented our district well in Washington during his tenure as Congressman.  He took the values from North Georgia and applied them to legislation in Washington.  Nathan will apply those same principles as governor.

I believe that Nathan will be a strong, effective leader as the next governor of the great state of Georgia.  Now is the time to end our hostilities between each other and begin to rally behind our nominee.  Georgia deserves a governor with conservative principles to lead us into the future.  Nathan will be that governor.

Please join me in voting for Nathan Deal on November 2nd.

Nathan A. Smith


Walker County Republican Party

Court: FCC Has No Authority to Regulate Internet

A Federal court has ruled that the FCC does not have the power to force Internet regulations on Internet providers.  Many of those in my industry are disheartened at this ruling because they fear that Internet providers will try to censor content.  I understand their concern, but I fear big government more than big business.  Why should we grant the government more regulatory power for a problem that does not exist?  Instead of increased regulation and bureaucratic red tape, why not try proven free market solutions?

I currently have DSL.  At one point my family had cable Internet access, but the quality of service had declined.  So we switched.  Now fiber is being installed in my neighborhood and will soon offer us another choice.  We have 5 options for Internet access: dial-up, DSL, cable, satellite, and now fiber.  Why do I say this?  It’s not to debate which medium is better, but it’s to highlight the point about choice.  We didn’t like the quality of one service, so we changed to another provider.  In a free market economy, you take your business elsewhere if you don’t like how that company is treating you or is providing poor service.  Unfortunately, many local governments allow only one cable company to service a municipality.  How would you fix this?  Simple, eliminate the restriction on how many cable companies (or other Internet providers) there can be in a given location.

It’s easy to give something over to the government and say “regulate it”, but it’s hard to get it back.  The Internet has been a harbor of free speech to people world-wide.  Government regulation in the name of “net neutrality” would end up not being neutral.

Response to Obama’s State of the Union

One year and one week in office and he’s still blaming Bush for the failed policies of his own administration.  Obama doesn’t realize that Americans do not want increased government spending, increased government intervention into the free markets, and a decrease in our personal liberties.  I have some recommendations that our candidates should focus on:

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Reaction to Scott Brown’s Election in MA

What a night!

The voters of Massachusetts told the national Democratic party that they did not want a bigger federal government.  The ideals of conservatism struck a chord with the voters in the bluest of blue states.  This is exciting.  This shows that Americans are not buying into the socialist garbage that Obama and his cronies are trying to sell to the American people.  Although it was an epic and historic win for Republicans, we should not become complacent with this win.  It’s an encouragement, but I believe we still have some mending to do with the American people as a Party.

We are exactly 6 months away from the general primary (July 20) here in Georgia.  We must continue to ask tough questions and find the best Republican candidates to put on the ballot in November.  Our monthly Walker GOP meetings are booked with various state-wide and Congressional candidates.  I encourage you (whether you’re a Walker resident or not) to attend our meetings on the third Tuesday of every month so you can learn about who is running for office.  Our next meeting will be on February 16th.  I look forward to seeing you there!